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The Developing Use of Digital Signage Within the Estate Agent Industry

Estate Agents pride themselves on their image and brand and without both being strong, estate agents will struggle to make their mark into what is such a competitive field.

Whilst most businesses have ventured online; estate agents remain one of the few sectors thriving from in-store and face-to-face interactions. Digital signage serves as a platform that can supplement these interactions, making estate agents jobs easier and enticing potential clientele from the kerb.

Here are the five best uses of digital signage for estate agents:

Property Feeds

Too often estate agents rely upon old school in-house marketing techniques such as posters and pictures of properties in their windows. Although this has been successful prior to the 21st century, estate agents must now adjust to make their window marketing eye-catching.

Displaying a live property feed is something that not only brings your estate agency into the digital age, but also requires little to no upkeep as content can be controlled days, weeks, and months in advance. This means that estate agent’s time can be alleviated from adjusting posters and focus on what is truly important for business- customers.

Video Walls

Why use one screen when you can use multiple screens? Creating a large video wall of screens advertising your services, or new properties, can be a niche way to make your estate agency stand out from others on the high street. Having a large video wall will have an unforgettable impact on passers-by and will encourage word of mouth marketing amongst potential customers.

Internal Communications

Most estate agents differentiate their time between carrying out administrative work, visiting current clientele, and meeting with potential clientele. Because of this, a significant proportion of estate agent’s time is spent on the road and out of the office. This makes it difficult to communicate announcements amongst a team, potentially resulting in colleagues missing out on key information. Using digital signage can resolve this issue by displaying important internal communications. Whether it is a long-serving colleague that is retiring, or simply a partnership with a new landlord, digital signage serves as a great platform to keep colleagues in the loop.

Touch Screen Capability

Often on-lookers do not have the time to come in to an estate agency to sit down and have a chat. Using digital signage screens with touch screen capability can save both colleagues and potential clientele time. Users can quickly search through an extensive database of properties, tailoring their search to fit their every requirement.

Customer analytics

Online businesses are thriving on the use of web analytics to ascertain key information on their customers, being able to determine their movement, origin, and time spent on each web page. Prior to digital signage, this was hard to replicate for in-store businesses such as estate agents.

Using smart digital signage screens that have eye-tracking and facial-recognition capabilities can allow for key customer analytics to be obtained, such as their age. Using this information, estate agents can trigger the most appropriate content that is tailored to their users. For example, it is likely that a group of young people are looking for a flat or a suburban house, rather than a remote cottage in the countryside.  

Encouraging Landlords To Work With You

Digital signage is important in encouraging B2C sales; however, it is also important in encouraging B2B revenue from Landlords. When Landlords come to choose an estate agency, amongst other things, they will select an estate agency that looks professional and enticing. If your estate agency looks dull and technologically-subpar, it is unlikely that a Landlord will choose to do business with you. Using digital signage can be the technological change that can help attract potential landlords, therefore, resulting in more business being generated for your estate agency.  

This Guest Post was written by TrouDigital, providers of Digital Signage for Estate Agents.

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